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MRC Epidemiology Unit : Data Sharing

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Meta-Data Access Portal

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The MRC Epidemiology Unit data sharing portal provides access to our study meta-data. It includes summary details of our studies and data dictionaries that describe the types of data that are available.

It is intended that this portal will be the key entry point for researchers to access Unit data sets. Access is currently provided to the description, data dictionaries and questionnaires, along with a mechanism to request related data. Not all categories of information for all these studies is as yet fully available, but it is our intention to update this portal regularly and to extend the number of studies for which access will be available.

Developing and Supporting Research

Research and Studies

The MRC Epidemiology Unit studies the genetic, developmental and environmental factors that cause obesity, diabetes and related metabolic disorders, as well as approaches to the prevention of these diseases and their consequences. You can see a full list of our current research areas and details of our completed and ongoing studies.

Study Overview and Contacts

For each study we have provided summary information describing the work that has been carried out and we have also listed the key contacts for each study.

Data Releases and Data Dictionaries

For each of our studies we have outlined a history of the master data releases that have been made throughout the study. We have also provided detailed data dictionaries for all of the information that is available publically for latest releases. Within the data dictionaries you will find descriptions of the data variables.

Data Access and Sharing

We are committed to the principles of high quality research that generate reliable results about the causes of and treatment of disease. The access policy for sharing is based on the MRC Policy and Guidance on Sharing of Research Data from Population and Patient Studies. All data sharing must meet the terms of existing participants' consent and study ethical approvals. Our Data Access and Sharing Policy defines the principles and processes for accessing and sharing our data

We welcome proposals for projects and aim to make data as widely available as possible whilst safeguarding the privacy of our participants, protecting confidential data and maintaining the reputations of our studies and participants.

Applying for Data

For all data sharing enquiries please contact the relevant study team and for general queries please email -

All data sharing is dependent on the project being approved by the relevant study team, a data sharing agreement being in place with the University of Cambridge and resources being available to support the request.

Our Data Access and Sharing Policy details how our access procedure works.

Annual Data Sharing Audit

The MRC Epidemiology Unit endeavours to make our data available to the wider research community and to also be transparent in the support that we provide. To demonstrate our commitment and to ensure best practice is followed an independent annual audit of all Unit data requests and releases is carried out.

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