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ADDITION-Europe Study

ADDITION is the Anglo-Danish-Dutch Study of Intensive Treatment in People With Screen Detected Diabetes in Primary Care.

ADDITION-Europe is a basic data set containing information at baseline and 5-year follow-up from all four European centres: Cambridge, Leicester, Denmark and the Netherlands. We also hold more extensive data sets for Cambridge; see the ADDITION-Cambridge, ADDITION-Plus, ADDITION-Cambridge-screening and ADDITION-10% pages.

Data collection has finished for this study and data cleaning is nearing completion. Data cleaning has been carried out by ADDITION Denmark and ADDITION Cambridge staff. Cambridge contacts for this data are Simon Griffin (PI), Rebecca Simmons (Investigator Scientist), and Clare Boothby (Data Analyst).

This database follows the Unit's generic model and standardises its structure and management to match other studies for data sharing.

ADDITION-Europe Information

Study Level Descriptors [Apr 2014]

ADDITION-Europe Data Releases

Please see the table below for access to a particular release an its associated data dictionary.

Release 1:
(This release skipped to keep release numbers in sync across the ADDITION studies.)

Release 2:
Full release of all ADDITION-Europe data from baseline and 5-year follow-up measurements. We anticipate the data dictionary for this data set being available by summer 2012.

Data Dictionary [Version 2: Jun 2012]

ADDITION-Europe Questionnaires

BASELINE Questionnaires


Questionnaires, metadata and content are provided to enable and facilitate the sharing of study data, to maximise their value to the research community through assisting researchers. All images, content and logos have related IP and copyright and therefore no other uses are warranted by their availablity. For any other purpose please contact datasharing@mrc-epid.

Cambridge: general questionnaire [Version 5: May 2002]

Cambridge: case report form [Version 6: Oct 2002]

Leicester: general questionnaire [Version 1: Feb 2004]

Leicester: case report form [Version 4: Unknown]

Denmark: general questionnaire [Version ?: Unknown]

Denmark: case report form [Version ?: Unknown]

Netherlands: general questionnaire [Version ?: Apr 2002]

5-YEAR FOLLOW-UP Questionnaires

Cambridge/Leicester: general questionnaire [Version ?: Unknown]

Cambridge/Leicester: case report form [Version ?: Unknown]

Denmark: general questionnaire [Version ?: Unknown]

Denmark: case report form [Version ?: Unknown]

Netherlands: general questionnaire [Version ?: Unknown]

Netherlands: case report form [Version ?: Unknown]

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Information last updated: 06 June 2014 by Adam Dickinson.