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Studying at Cambridge


Commuting and Health in Cambridge Study

The Commuting and Health in Cambridge Study is one of the studies in the Unit that also comes under the umbrella of The Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR). On internal computer systems you may find information located under CEDAR_CGB rather than just CGB or Commuting and Health.

For all external uses this study should be referred to as the Commuting and Health Study or Commuting and Health in Cambridge Study. Internally it may be referred to as CGB or Cambridge Guided Bus Study

Also INTERNALLY known as the Cambridge Guided Bus Study (CGB) or CEDAR_CGB

This database follows the Unit's generic model and standardises its structure and management to match other studies for data sharing.

Commuting and Health in Cambridge Information

Study Level Descriptors [Apr 2014]

Commuting and Health in Cambridge Data Releases and Dictionaries

Prior Data Releases:
Data releases have been available since 2010 containing 1168 participants with all Phase 1 variables incorporated. Releases are incremented as update and corrects are incorporated. For Phase 1 these have reached Release 6; which is current and accessible from this page.

Phase 2 variables incorporating accelerometry data also became available in Sep 2011 and covers 776 particpants. The latest Phase 2 Release is Release 3. Phase 3 was created in Aug 2012 and included 770 participants; the latest release being release 2.

Two data dictionaries are currently available from this site;
  • the latest Release 3 Version 1 Data Dictionary covering Phases 1, 2 and 3 and
  • the INtercept Data Dictionary Release 1.

Phases 1,2 &3 Data Dictionary [Release 3 Version 1: June 2014]

Intercept Data Dictionary [Release 1 Version 1: June 2014]

Commuting and Health in Cambridge Questionnaires



Questionnaires, metadata and content are provided to enable and facilitate the sharing of study data, to maximise their value to the research community through assisting researchers. All images, content and logos have related IP and copyright and therefore no other uses are warranted by their availablity. For any other purpose please contact datasharing@mrc-epid.

Information created: 10 Apr 2014 by A Dickinson
Information last updated: 29 May 2014 by Adam Dickinson.