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Fenland Study

Fenland Study

The Fenland study is a population-based study designed to study the interaction between environment and genetic factors in determining intermediate quantitative traits related to obesity and type 2 diabetes risk including measures of insulin sensitivity and hyperglycaemia. The study is a cohort of 12,000 participants born between 1950 and 1975 (aged 30-62 years at recruitment) who have undergone detailed metabolic phenotyping with quantitative assessment of total and regional adiposity, diet and physical activity. The study commenced in 2005 and is still actively recruiting with phase 2 follow up beginning in 2014.

Fenland Information

Study Level Descriptors [Apr 2014]

Fenland Data Releases

We originally formalised Fenland data releases around Release 3 (circa 2009). In 2010 Release 4 replaced it and a standardised data dictionary was established for the study. Since Aug 2013 Release 6 has been current and replaces all previous releases. Users should note that we are gradually rationalising variable names have been gradually rationalised between each release with some variable names being changed.

The data dictionary for Release 6 is the first publically shared data dictionary. A short history of previous releases is as follows - Release 1: contained approximately 1,500 participants and limited information of those.Release 2: contained the same 1,500 participants but incorporated the majority of the collected variables but minimal biochemistry details.Release 3: doubled the number of participants to approximately 3,000 and covered the majority of collected variables and some biochemistry details for the original 1,500 participants.Release 4: became available in October 2010 and contained records for 5000 participants and the first full data dictionary was created in March 2011, but was ammended and extended a number of times until March 2012.Release 5: updated the records to Aug 2012 and included information for 7970 participants.

For any queries about the data releases and mapping matters contact datasharing@mrc-epid.

Release 6:
First open release.

Data Dictionary [Data Release 6 Version 1: Aug 2013]

This version of the data dictionary is maintained for those who have previously received data; it is no longer current. All new releases of data will be from Release 7 (see below).

Release 7:
The previous release.

Data Dictionary [Data Release 7 Version 1: Sep 2014]

Release 8:
The current release.

Data Dictionary [Data Release 8 Version 1: Apr 2016]

Fenland Questionnaires



Questionnaires, metadata and content are provided to enable and facilitate the sharing of study data, to maximise their value to the research community through assisting researchers. All images, content and logos have related IP and copyright and therefore no other uses are warranted by their availablity. For any other purpose please contact datasharing@mrc-epid.

Fenland General Questionnaire [Version 4: Apr 2011]

Fenland Checklist [Version 13: Jul 2011 & IMS ONLY Aug 2011]

Fenland Consent Form [Version 2: Mar 2006]

Fenland Food Frequency Questionnaire [Version ELY/PQ/3/607N: Jul 2007] Externally Copyrighted Document

Fenland Family History Questionnaire [Version 2: Unknown]

?? (wrong on the intranet) Fenland Report FAQs [Version 2: Dec 2007]

Fenland Measurement Questionnaire [Version 4: Apr 2011]

Fenland Physical Activity Monitoring Instructions [Version 5: Jul 2011] & FINAL IMS ONLY Aug 2011

Fenland Biochemistry Research Analysis Request [Version: unknown] Current-ADy-First Test [Study 818]

Fenland RPAQ Form [Version 9.1: May 2006]

Fenland Sample Checklist Form [Version 4: Aug 2010]

Fenland 3-factor Eating Questionnaire [Version 2: Unknown]

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