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MRC Epidemiology Unit : Data Sharing

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ICAD Study

ICAD2 Study

The ICAD study is one of the studies in the Unit that also is an international collaboration with currently 23 participating cohorts. Recently the international collaboration has been restructured and the latest collaboration is the only one available to researchers and is now known as ICAD2

For all external uses this study should be referred to as the ICAD2.

This international collaborations database follows the Unit's generic model and standardises its structure and management to match other studies for data sharing.

ICAD2 Information

Study Level Descriptors [Jan 2017]

ICAD2 Data Releases

The original ICAD had a number of data dictionaries associated with it, as it was updated and released over time. For ICAD2 the same data dictionary convention has continued and the first Data Dictionary for it is referred to as Release 3 Version 2.

Data Release 3 [Dec 2016]:
Contains 93,703 observations (37,827 participants) available for release from the 23 cohorts.

Summary Statistics
- There are 93,708 rows (observations) available for release
- Of which 55,621 have accelerometer files
- Of which 55,386 have actual accelerometer data
- Of the accelerometer files 54,612 are considered reliable
- There are 37,827 individual participants
- There are 12,049 variables available for release
- 206,189,855 valid minutes of wear from reliable files
- 259,228 valid days of wear from reliable files
- Data is from 10 different countries

Data Dictionary [Release 3: Version 3 Feb 2017]

User guidance [including description of variable groupings: Release 3 Version 3]

Information created: 13 December 2016 by A Dickinson
Information last updated: 22 February 2017 by Adam Dickinson.