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MRC Epidemiology Unit : Data Sharing

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iConnect Study

The iConnectStudy is one of the studies in the Unit that also comes under the umbrella of The Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR). On internal computer systems you may find information located under CEDAR_iConnect rather than just iConnect.

iConnect Information

Study Level Descriptors [Apr 2014]

iConnect Data Releases

The first Data Release for Phase 1 Release 1 occured in Mar 2011 and covered all variables for 3516 participants. By June 2011 derived variables on travel distance for the same 3516 participants were integrated [Phase 1 Release 2] with further upgrades in Nov 2011 [Phase1 Release 3] and again in Mar 2012 [Phase 1 Release 4] covering the whole dataset. In Nov 2011 the first Phase 2 release, Release 1 containing all variables for 1906 participants was created and further variables added in Dec 2011 followed by other updates in Mar 2012.

The current version of the iConnect Data Dictionary available here is an earlier version; it is our intention to update this as soon as practical.

Data Dictionary [iConnect Release 1 Version 1: Oct 2012. Includes Phase 1 Release 4 and Phase2 Release 3 variables.]

iConnect Questionnaires



Questionnaires, metadata and content are provided to enable and facilitate the sharing of study data, to maximise their value to the research community through assisting researchers. All images, content and logos have related IP and copyright and therefore no other uses are warranted by their availablity. For any other purpose please contact datasharing@mrc-epid.

Information created: 10 Apr 2014 by A Dickinson
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