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iConnect Study Level Descriptors


Parent study:

Other names:
iConnect Cheshunt; iConnect Travel to School

iConnect is a quasi-experimental study of the travel, physical activity and carbon impacts of Connect2, a UK-wide programme of constructing new walking and cycling routes in local areas, conducted as part of an interdisciplinary research consortium.

The MRC Epidemiology Unit leads:

(a) the iConnect core module, which comprises an evaluation of the Connect2 study sites at Cardiff, Kenilworth and Southampton in which three annual waves of adult population survey data (2010-2012; baseline n=3516) are complemented by in-depth case studies and qualitative interviews with stakeholders and participants
(b) the iConnect Travel to School case study at a secondary school in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.
A more detailed description is available on the study web page and in the study protocol paper for the core module.


Cheshunt, UK
Kenilworth, UK
Southampton, UK

carbon, cycling, environment, evaluation, infrastructure, intervention, natural experimental study, physical activity, transport, travel, walking.

Research areas:
Evaluating the effects of environmental and policy interventions on active living and understanding related patterns and mechanisms of behaviour change.

Research purposes:
The study was established to assess the impacts of infrastructural interventions on travel behaviour, physical activity, carbon emissions and energy use at individual and population level and to explore why these interventions are (or are not) effective, in what ways, for whom and in what circumstances.


(a) in the iConnect core module, adults living within approximately five kilometres of one of the three study sites
(b) in the iConnect Travel to School case study, pupils at the secondary school.

Field work completed, analysis and further preparation and development of datasets ongoing.

No longer recruiting.

The final dataset for the core module includes approximately 7000 survey responses.

Start date:
Data collection began: 2010/April

End date:
Data collection ended: 2012/July



Approvals required:

Seperate components of the study has separate ethical approval as follows:
Core module
University of Southampton Research Ethics Committee (CEE200809-15)
Travel to School
University of Cambridge Psychology Research Ethics Committee (2010.04)

Funding required:

Data access:
Enquiries about access to data should be directed to the principal investigator or Unit Local Lead (Dr David Ogilvie). Requests for access to data will be considered by the study scientific committee which the principal investigator and co-investigators.

Data collected:
To be added

Sample size:
To be added

Sampling method:
To be added

Participation type:
To be added

Inclusion criteria:
To be added

Exclusion criteria:
To be added

Current size:
To be added

Accountable people:

Name (follow link for contact details)
Principal Investigator
Consortium Manager
Local Lead Investigator

Data sources:

  • Access overview study details by following the OVERVIEW link for a study
  • Access the details of a studies data and releases by following the RELEASE link for a study
  • Access the latest study data dictionary by following the DICTIONARY link for a study
  • Access the study questionaiires by following the QUESTIONNAIRES link for a study

Related parties:
This study is conducted in collaboration with the Universities of Bristol, East Anglia, Edinburgh, Loughborough, Oxford, Southampton and West of England.

Additional information:

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Information last updated: 12 June 2014 by A Dickinson