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MRC Epidemiology Unit : Data Sharing

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Vitamin D Trial Study

Vitamin D Trial Study

This unit is one of two centres of collection for this trial

The study was organised jointly by Queen Mary University of London and Barts and The London NHS Trust along with the MRC Epidemiology Unit.

The Trial has successfully collected data from its first volunteers in August 2010. These were collected by the MRC Epidemiology Unit. Since then all the data collected at both centres has been assembled in the Unit, cleaned, validated and a full complete master database has now been created (October 2013).

Vitamin D Trial Information

Study Level Descriptors [Apr 2017]

Vitamin D Trial Data Releases

Release 2:
The current release.

Data Dictionary [Data Release 2 Version 1: Oct 2013]

Vitamin D Trial Questionnaires



Questionnaires, metadata and content are provided to enable and facilitate the sharing of study data, to maximise their value to the research community through assisting researchers. All images, content and logos have related IP and copyright and therefore no other uses are warranted by their availablity. For any other purpose please contact datasharing@mrc-epid.

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